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A Super Boy battles a Super Foe….while coloring :)

A good friend of mine has an amazing little boy named Landon, full of love and compassion. This little super hero happens to have cancer.

Our super hero just received a special package from me.
A coloring book featuring him as the hero and his cancer as the foe, and the epic battle that happens.

Please visit this link to learn more about Landon and his story.

1097967_10200989836242496_1435579444_n 12068_10200989836602505_1722119486_n

Here are a few pages from the coloring  book:

Landon_FinalBook_Page_03 Landon_FinalBook_Page_05 Landon_FinalBook_Page_06





By far this has to be one of the COOLEST projects I have ever been a part of!

Picture this: A french business guy….and a mexican doctor gal fall in love….
The French guy moves to Mexico to be with his beloved….
The French guy opens up a “taco truck” that serves French food in Ensenada!!!
They hire THIS GAL to draw a mural that covers almost the entire surface of the taco truck. (SO COOL)
Everyone lives happily ever After!

Check them out!! https://www.facebook.com/LePincheFrances

Project Details:
Project: Illustration of a “taco truck”
Customer: Le Pinche Frances Restaurante
Location:  Ensenada, BC Mexico

    • 7′ x 21′ side of a truck plus back door panel
    • Only Requirements: French and Mexican Stereotypes
    • Sketched by hand, then vectorized in Illustrator for optimum large format printing on vinyl

Truck Before:


Some sketching:

Final Sketch:


Truck After:


Truck Closeup:


French guy and Mexican gal (left) on opening day <3


Let the Party go on! and on! and on!
I wish you guys all the best with your frenchie truck!


Check them out!! https://www.facebook.com/LePincheFrances

Illustration – Color A Page


I will be creating my coloring pages every week for teachers, librarians, booksellers and parents to enjoy with their children, but also to let the public know about MY BOOKS! Click a cover to learn more about each title and download free activity pages!

jeanettie_featImage  FinneyFeatureImage

On to the Coloring Pages! (All Free!*)

Click an image below to read the original post and to download it for coloring. If you send your creation back to me (less than 1 mb) at iDrawPrettyPictures@gmail.com I’ll post it to my blog!

I am just starting out, but come back each week for new coloring pages!

*Note: All Color-A-Page images are available for personal or non-commercial use. If you would like to purchase rights to an image for commercial use, please email me. If you have questions about usage, please visit my Angel Policy (copyright) page.



ColorAPage_FinneySheep  ColorAPage_FinneyFarrier

ColorAPage_JeanettieDance  ColorAPage_JeanettieStroller



ColorAPage_HatnGold   ColorAPage_StPatrick
ColorAPage_EasterBasket  ColorAPage_EasterCross
ColorAPage_QingMingKite  ColorAPage_Sechseläuten
ColorAPage_EarthBooboo  ColorAPage_TurkKids



Stay tuned! More to come EACH WEEK!!

LAST February Creativity: Day 33….Finish Something!!

Indeed. I have finished the second illustration in my new Zodiac series! I started at the beginning of the year with Capricorn, and then Aquarius. I will be working diligently over the next few months to finish them all! Stay tuned to see more!


Stay tuned this month for more new illustrations. I am working hard to bring some great work together to sell in my shop!
These two will be available on Etsy later this month with other new things in my illustration collection!!

Keep checking back! And thanks for following my February Creativity posts!! I hope you have enjoyed them as much as I have 🙂
AMber 🙂

February Creativity: Day Thirty Two….Have Fun!

Well…I most certainly DID have fun! I had so much fun last Sunday…and the rest of the week that I didn’t finish my blogging!

Last Sunday my husband came home after being away for a week. So we spent the majority of the day together! After he unpacked we caught up on the American Idol episodes that we had missed (Just because we aren’t in America doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy it too!)

Then we went out for lunch at a local turkish place. It was goo, but not the best. The whole time Mr. Man and I are chatting an catching up. I DO really love that guy!! Afer lunch we walked over to one of our favorite cafes nearby to do one of our favorite things together. ok..ok…its one of MY favorite things for us to do together, but he puts up with it. I LOVE playing backgammon. Its a super Greek and Turk thing to do, but usually its the men. They even have “men only” cafes where they smoke a fruity hookah and play for HOURS. But I like it, and the cafe knows it too. They see us walk in and they immediately serve us tea and “tavla” (turkish for backgammon.).


We then spent the rest of the evening snuggled up in each other’s company. Can’t get any better than this!

But….where’s the creativity? Should this inspire a backgammon piece of art? hmmmm….


February Creativity: Day Thirty One….Clean your Workspace!

Are you a messy worker? Are you “functionally” disorganized? Me too!
It’s funny though… I can begin a new project on a messy desk, but I cannot begin cooking with a messy kitchen…weird? I think so.

I believe having a clean workspace when starting a new project takes away some subliminal stress we carry in messy zones. Starting with a clear workspace gives me a clear mind free of distractions to begin without any hinderances. And without those pesky hinderances I can be more creative! TA-DA!!! win win.

That being said…I cleaned my desk 🙂 (applause)


ok…so maybe you don’t see much of a difference because we have a lot of stuff and not a lot of space, but…

…I feel like….

Go on…try it out!

Stay tuned…TOMORROW: Have Fun!
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February Creativity: Day Twenty Nine….Stop Trying to Be Someone Else’s Perfect!


Again, I feel like this is one of those truths that is easier in words than in application.

All I can really say is…just do it folks, Do your best to be yourself and do more of what makes you happy…not what others deem important, necessary or what is and isn’t perfect. Perfect in not attainable, stop trying and just be you.

’nuff said.


Stay tuned…TOMORROW: Got an Idea? Write it Down!
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February Creativity: Day Twenty Eight….Create A Framework!

What the heck is a framework?

frame·work  [freym-wurk]


1. A structure for supporting or enclosing something else, especially a skeletal support used as the basis for something being constructed.
2. An external work platform; a scaffold.
3. A fundamental structure, as for a written work.
4. A set of assumptions, concepts, values, and practices that constitutes a way of viewing reality.

ok, got it.

We all need structure to complete what needs to be done. Without structure we wander aimlessly….
SOmetimes the structure needs to be broken, essentially it is just a set of guidelines to help keep us on track. To keep our creative priorities at the top of our lists by creating a structure that allows for productivity, and not time wasting on the non-productive aspects of our lives/jos.

I read this interesting article on Creating a Framework for Productivity, and I am totally going to steal his basic principles and apply them to my situation…gotta love appropriation right? He basically says you need to set time aside for both the “mundane” and “creative” tasks in your life to “get them out of the way” and to make more room for “real work”, the projects your want to finish. Some people just say it better 🙂

Basic Concepts:
1. Create a system for the mundane/repetitive tasks that you do everyday. A checklist or folder…..
“Taking care of the simple and mundane stuff everyday is a key part of creating your productivity framework. Without it, you will always have that sinking feeling that something is “falling through the cracks”.”

2. Block out time for the creative tasks you do everyday.
 “These are things that I need to do everyday to keep my creative energy flowing and to allow myself to do something other than think about “real work”.There are a couple of creative tasks that I have now that repeat every single day including writing 750 words and working for at least an hour on my web app idea. This time is blocked out everyday, so no matter what I am doing two things that benefit my spirit and sanity.” 

3. Move your projects forward and accomplish your goals.
Management Tips to increase productivity
  – Prepare in advance (lists of the days project goals
– Schedule your time
– Start Early
– Be organized (at least have a system for your functioning disorganization 🙂
– Utilize your Prime Time (the time of day when you work best)

I am now revising my daily schedule. It is hard being freelance because it is SO EASY to change my schedule on the fly, have coffee with a friend, etc. It is hard because when people know that you work from home they assume that you are automatically free at any moment. But if I want to REALLY be truthful…I am the BIGGEST TIME WASTER OF ALLLLL TIIIIIME!!!


I have a hard time with this….So I will reivise my daily schedule, my framework, and be FIRM in keeping to my “working hours”. (which really means eliminating my Facebook time…and reading time…and staring into space time….) (PS> Facebook is the DEVIL!)

Here I go!
Good luck with YOUR new framework!!

Stay tuned…TOMORROW: Stop Trying to be Someone Else’s Perfect!
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February Creativity: Day Twenty Seven….Read a Page of the Dictionary!

It’s crazy.
I DO NOT own an English dictionary? Really?
Apparently I rely WAY too much on the internet……
So I improvised to day with one of the dictionaries I DO have. My mini Turkish-English Dictionary that I carry around in my bag everyday 🙂 I also have a Spanish-English dictionary but since Turkish is more of a minority language I thought it would be more fun to share!

photo-4But then after reading the page I was disappointed because I knew all of the words…the English ones that is….
But what is the creativity purpose of this Day? To learn new words and maybe use them as fuel for creativity no? hmmm…
Well, there are no new English words for me here…but I am surprised that “skittles” is in here? WTF?

I guess I need to invest in a good English dictionary!

Stay tuned…TOMORROW: Create a Framework!
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February Creativity: Day Twenty Six….Don’t Force it!


The same can be said with pretty much anything! Especially art, and creativity 🙂

I do find it difficult, with just about every project I do, to make something happen the first try. If it does happen…I become wary haha.
Patience is such a big virtue in life, really. If any one person can master patience I am pretty sure that they will have a happy and fulfilled life. I on the other hand have inherited the non-patient DNA strand. But I am learning as I go to not try and torture myself when a project isn’t going my way.

Then come back when your mind is clear….to start again.
Even if it means starting from square one. Which sucks, but sometimes necessary. Even the big boys have to do it sometimes, check it:
Scroll down and read the comment about Steve Jobs and Pixar/Apple….

“At Pixar when we were making Toy Story, there came a time when we were forced to admit that the story wasn’t great.
It just wasn’t great. We stopped production for five months…. We paid them all to twiddle their thumbs while the team perfected the story into what became Toy Story. And if they hadn’t had the courage to stop, there would have never been a Toy Story the way it is,
and there probably would have never been a Pixar.
~Steve Jobs

So don’t get all mopey when things are not going your way.
And don’t force it if it isn’t happening.
Just walk away, wipe the slate clean, and start again when the time is right.
I know I know…easier said than done. But it IS do-able 🙂

Good luck!

Stay tuned…TOMORROW: Read a Page of the Dictionary!
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