February Creativity: Day Sixteen….Don’t Give Up!

Ok, so I decided to skip day 15 (Collaborate) because I feel it is just a combo of day 13 (Surround yourself with creative people) and day 14 (Get feedback). Basically, work with others, get their opinions, bounce ideas off them with will in turn give you ideas = CREATIVITY… and all will be peachy. Got it.


Don’t Give up….

Well. This one is pretty much self explanatory. And for me it was a slap in the face.
SO….I worked on a series of acrylic paintings on canvas this summer. They were painted in a post card style, of cities where my husband and I have lived together..Madrid, New York, and Istanbul. I included things that were my favorite part of that city, using colors I felt represented it. I wanted to include a cityscape and important landmarks in the paintings. New York and Madrid came out great , and it was a fun idea…….


………….until I met Mr. Istanbul. I had all these ideas but when I put them on the canvas I couldn’t make it work and got disheartened…and put it aside.
My husband is so funny. At least once a week he will ask me if I am going to finish Istanbul. It drives me crazy, but he is right! I should finish it and I shouldn’t give up on it. Just because it is a personal project and not for any client doesn’t give me leave to just give up on it, nor permanently place it on the back burner.


Here and now I pledge….to finish my Istanbul painting. haha. Maybe it may even be my Day 33? haha, we’ll see 🙂

Stay tuned…TOMORROW: Practice! Practice! Practice!
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February Creativity: Day Ten….Know Your Roots!

Roots…Well, being that I am American my roots are quite blended…as most of ours are. I am a Austrian/French-Canadian/British/Comanche American Indian…whoot! I suppose that if anyone does any in-depth research into their roots they can find really amazing stuff! And the amazing is usually inspiring. I have found quite a bit of great info in my roots but havn’t quite yet used them in a project or in my art. But I should! Check out my good stats!:

For example, one of my direct ancestors is Cynthia Ann Parker  who was an American colonist who was captured and kidnapped at the age of 9 by a Comanche raid and raised in their tribe to eventually wed their chief and give birth to Quanah Parker, the last free Comanche chief.

I also have documentation going all the way back to the Mayflower and John Billington, who was the first person to be tried an hanged in the Plymouth colony.

220px-Chief_Quanah_Parker_of_the_Kwahadi_Comanche 220px-Cynthia MayflowerHarbor

Our roots may not always be pretty….but they are part of who we are.
And we can use it as inspiration.

Stay tuned…TOMORROW: Listen to New Music

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February Creativity: Day Eight….Sing in the Shower!

Singing in the shower? Really?

Im not sure but there MUST be SOME kind of stastistic on the percentage of people who sing in the shower right? hmm…. let’s check….
47% of Americans pee in the shower……nope, that’s not it…
Four out of five people who bathe regularly sing, or at least hum, while doing so… THAT’S IT! Well, Im not sure how accurate those pollsters are but I assume that the statistic is something like that. But why do we do that? Being alone and unafraid, unashamed? Well, I pure love it…but normally I am zombied-out during my showers. I am not anything NEAR a morning person….

My husband is a HORRIBLE singer (sorry honey 🙂 But he sings in the shower sometimes…sings or hums while washing the dishes and hums a tine just while getting ready in the morning. I’m not wholly convinced that this will boost creativity but I do think that it can lighten your mood, stres level which I guess in turn can help you to be more creative.


Below is ME gettin’ CREATIVE!! lol.


FYI….I don’t know if any of you followers picked it up…but this sketch would be in my Handy dandy notebook….you know what I mean 🙂

Stay tuned…LATER TODAY: Drink Coffe/Tea!
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Todays new project

Like i mentioned before, tis the season for baby-making, another animal baby painting is in the works… Stay tuned for the finished product.