Two New Cards – “Happy Mum’s Day” and “I Wuv You” Birthday

Two cards this week! An assortment of chrysanthemums for all the mums out there 🙂
And a little pup for those lovey-dovey birthdays coming up!

Both available on my Etsy site as a printables.




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New Mother’s Day Card – “Mothers Are Like Flowers” <3 <3

Another week for mom. This was inspired by my own wonderful mama, she LOVES Stargazer Lilys! I hope your mama enjoys it as much as mine will 🙂
It is available on my Etsy site as a printable.


You can see more of my greeting cards Here.

New Mother’s Day Card – “Home Is Where The Mama Is” <3 <3

This weeks card is for all the Mamas out there. It was inspired by the wonderful vintage sepia family portraits in front of Victorian homes.
It is available on my Etsy site as a printable.

C03Etsy_MomHome_frontYou can see more of my greeting cards Here.

The babies just keep coming!

The babies just keep coming!

Check out my Etsy site to see a few new cards I have developed!

Stationary Design & Illustration – Boarding Pass Wedding Invites

Just to show a bit more of our wedding fun here are our finished invites designed and illustrated by Yours Truly, and printed by Poor Richards Press in my hometown, California, USA.

Project: Boarding Pass Wedding Invitation

Event:  Amber & Alvaro Wedding

Theme: Our wedding is a dual theme, peacock and travel. We are a very international couple, American and Spanish living in Turkey so it seemed to fit us 🙂 The invite also had to be bilingual seeing that most of the groom’s family and friends are coming from Madrid and other parts of Spain. What better than a boarding pass invite?!


  • 4×9  Pocket invitation in Bronze by Paper Presentation
  • #10 mailing envelope in Olive also by Paper Presentation
  • 2 custom illustrations: Custom Couple illustration on opening panel and custom event map on back of accommodations page
  • 2 double-sided “boarding pass” invite cards including: invite/pattern and accommodations/map place in pocket of invitation
  • All invites sealed with an authentic peacock feather from Fabulous Feathers
  • Custom Wedding Logo with names and date
  • Custom rubber stamps with wedding logo and return address and bronze ink stamping pad from Rubber Stamps
  • Design: All layout, patterns, illustrations, logos, and text placement designed by me 🙂
Click below to scroll through images of the completed invitation!

Illustration – Snail Trail EXPRESS Postcards

Snail Trail EXPRESS, cheesy I know, but that is what my new project is called.  For me, the name came from the idea of snail mail (obviously) and that like a snail, I am DRAGGING MY TAIL with promoting me and my art. Just thought I could use this SNAIL MAIL to leave my TRAIL express-like! (haha, I crack myself up) Here I go! This is ME coming OUT of my FUNK!

Goals: I have been looking for a way out of my ongoing funk to be creative outside my work projects and I was inspired by a current project (Wandering Poste) by Amanda Wallace, a former art colleague from uni days. She has been illustrating postcards as a way to keep herself sketching and also a way to express her current ideas/feelings in life with possible use in future projects. I LOVE IT!  So…I am finding inspiration from the wisdom of those who came before me and I am appropriating the idea…

  • Draw a little every day to keep the creative juices flowin’
  • Share what I do with others
  • Brainstorming what could possibly influence future projects
  • Creative outlet apart from work

Specs: Each stationary item will have:

  • A one of a kind illustration on some kind of stationary item: postcard, greeting card, etc.
  • Be stamped with a custom Snail Trail EXPRESS stamp
  • Be dated, signed, and numbered.
  • Customized message written by yours truly…

Project Guidelines

  • To begin August 1, 2011 until… ?
  • In theory, weekly an item will be drawn
  • Drawings can be from any genre I deem worthy of drawing or writing
  • I will post an image of each item drawn on this blog as part of the documentation process
  • Items will be mailed after being thoroughly documented and photographed
    • Those who are on my Snail Trail EPRESS Fan Club address list will receive a postcard or some kind of stationary item at some point in time. Send me an email to with your name & address to be added to the list.
  • Art may be replicated or sold by it’s owner “Art by Amber Rose” at any future date.

A big part of this project is YOU! The readers, family, friends, the unknowners, or whoever… so take part!

Check back in August for the first item!
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Keepin’ it Fresh

August 15, 2011

Mailed to:
Sally Mitchell

Wilton, CT

More here…

#02:Belated Birthday Card

Skinny Bitches

October 25, 2011

Mailed to:
Gill Moxham

Montrose, Victoria AUSTRALIA

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Illustration – Greeting Cards

C20Etsy_HatchDay_front  Etsy_PuppyBday_front Etsy_CaptainHeart_front

C03Etsy_MomHome_front  C05Etsy_MomFlower_front  Etsy_MomMum_front

C01Etsy_NoBunny_front  C02Etsy_FavPeep_front


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