February Creativity: Day Eighteen….Allow Yourself to Make Mistakes!


Someone else said it best :

“If you don’t like your output, do not be upset. Who knows, someone else might like it and this will make you like it, too. Remember that each of us view things differently. So do not be afraid to make a mistake. Do not be afraid to fail. Keep your work where you have committed a mistake and consider it as a motivator for you to work better. And always be persistent despite the mistakes you make.”
~Naldz Graphics

I think accepting our mistakes is hard for everyone no?
Especially recognizing the ones that are beneficial in the end, the ones that help growth.
I can definitely promise that I will be making mistakes in the near future. I just hope I am artistic enough to “keep the good ones.”

Good luck all you ‘good-mistake’ keepers! Keep your eyes peeled for a creative opportunity made from our own mishaps!

Stay tuned…TOMORROW: Go Somewhere New!
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