February Creativity: Day Nineteen….Go Somewhere New!

Mr Man and I had to go into the city center today to get some paperwork filed and stamped ….
(that would be 1.5 hours in public transport one way and dealing with lots of pollution, of people and contamination that is. If you don’t know anything about Istanbul, check it out. It’s a great city but HUGE! Even though we are that far out we are still WELL within the bounds of the city…)
…where was I? Oh yes…We went on an adventure out to the center….If you HAVE been to istanbul then you know what I mean.

photo 3

My husband keeps RAVING about this fish market on the side of Galata bridge where in between the fresh fish stands there are some fish “restaurants” (more like a few crowded tables with plastic chairs and low stools under a makeshift roof made of multiple strung-together tarps to cover the ‘structure’ of cement walls surrounding a large man with a big fish BBQ and fryer…but charming in its own right 🙂  Apparently this place makes a mean ‘boquerones fritos,’ that’s spanish for beheaded, de-gutted, fried anchovies. (FUNFACT: the country that eats the most fish in the world is Japan, the second is Spain. FACT: my husband is from Spain and loves fish, especially these little ones that you just each whole, boquerones fritos…like…spine and everything. ew.)

photo 1-3

photo 4


Now, I have NEVER been a fish fan. I’d rather eat my left foot than a slab of oh-so-delicious-says-everyone salmon. yuk. But Mr. Man woo-ed me, and we WERE in the area….I like to make him happy, plus TODAY I was supposed to go somewhere new (I have never been to that side of the bridge nor have I been to that particular fish market, I tend to shy away from smelly places :), which also includes trying something new no? So I said I would try it, the fish that is…and if I didn’t like it then he could finish it. ¡Que Alegro! haha…

Mr. Man and My Before Plate:


My After Plate:


So….They were actually pretty good! Being that they were fried, and dousing them with lemon helped…Here’s to trying new things!!! The only thing I couldn’t handle was eating the spine. It was too crunchy….even though it took me twice as long to eat mine, I left the spine behind. I didn’t feel so wierd doing it, all the turks around me also had greasy fingers from removing the spine. It appears it is the SPANIARD that was doing it differently….buahahahaha! I <3 you mi amor :)))

Well, that was fun.

So we walked around the area… I showed Galata tower to the man, who had not seen it before, and then I spied some cool graffiti and some awesome stairs and we had some fresh orange juice off the street (FACT: my favorite thing about Turkey is the readily available, cheap, FRESHly squeezed orange juice on any street corner. Yes, Turkey rocks!) All in all it was a fun (and long) day.

photo 5

photo 1-2

photo 2-2

photo 3-1


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Stay tuned…TOMORROW: Watch Foreign Films!
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