February Creativity: Day Twenty Six….Don’t Force it!


The same can be said with pretty much anything! Especially art, and creativity 🙂

I do find it difficult, with just about every project I do, to make something happen the first try. If it does happen…I become wary haha.
Patience is such a big virtue in life, really. If any one person can master patience I am pretty sure that they will have a happy and fulfilled life. I on the other hand have inherited the non-patient DNA strand. But I am learning as I go to not try and torture myself when a project isn’t going my way.

Then come back when your mind is clear….to start again.
Even if it means starting from square one. Which sucks, but sometimes necessary. Even the big boys have to do it sometimes, check it:
Scroll down and read the comment about Steve Jobs and Pixar/Apple….

“At Pixar when we were making Toy Story, there came a time when we were forced to admit that the story wasn’t great.
It just wasn’t great. We stopped production for five months…. We paid them all to twiddle their thumbs while the team perfected the story into what became Toy Story. And if they hadn’t had the courage to stop, there would have never been a Toy Story the way it is,
and there probably would have never been a Pixar.
~Steve Jobs

So don’t get all mopey when things are not going your way.
And don’t force it if it isn’t happening.
Just walk away, wipe the slate clean, and start again when the time is right.
I know I know…easier said than done. But it IS do-able 🙂

Good luck!

Stay tuned…TOMORROW: Read a Page of the Dictionary!
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