By far this has to be one of the COOLEST projects I have ever been a part of!

Picture this: A french business guy….and a mexican doctor gal fall in love….
The French guy moves to Mexico to be with his beloved….
The French guy opens up a “taco truck” that serves French food in Ensenada!!!
They hire THIS GAL to draw a mural that covers almost the entire surface of the taco truck. (SO COOL)
Everyone lives happily ever After!

Check them out!!

Project Details:
Project: Illustration of a “taco truck”
Customer: Le Pinche Frances Restaurante
Location:  Ensenada, BC Mexico

    • 7′ x 21′ side of a truck plus back door panel
    • Only Requirements: French and Mexican Stereotypes
    • Sketched by hand, then vectorized in Illustrator for optimum large format printing on vinyl

Truck Before:


Some sketching:

Final Sketch:


Truck After:


Truck Closeup:


French guy and Mexican gal (left) on opening day <3


Let the Party go on! and on! and on!
I wish you guys all the best with your frenchie truck!


Check them out!!

Latest and Greatest Wedding Portrait Completed :)

Congratulations to Rachel and Anthony on their Destination wedding!

This was a really fun project, including the “City Lights” theme in the background.



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Provide me a good caption…and I gift you a card ;)

Hey All! I just drew this today as an idea for a new Greeting Card but Im lost for words…I need all my moms out there to help give me a short and sweet caption that I can use on the card that goes with the message. Don’t hold back!

The person with the best caption will receive a free downloadable greeting card of their choice from my shop!

Please post your caption on my Facebook page (to keep it all together in one place 🙂


NEW! Custom WEDDING Caricature Portraits!

Wedding season is almost upon us!

Are you getting married? How about a custom illustration (maybe from an engagement pic?) to display at the wedding….or use as the center of a large “Guest Book” signable framed mat to hang on your wall?

Are you already married? What a unique and fun way to display one of your beautiful wedding photos! It would be a great conversation piece with guests!

Is someone you know getting married? How about gifting them a Custom Illustration of themselves? They are sure to treasure it!





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February Creativity: Day Sixteen….Don’t Give Up!

Ok, so I decided to skip day 15 (Collaborate) because I feel it is just a combo of day 13 (Surround yourself with creative people) and day 14 (Get feedback). Basically, work with others, get their opinions, bounce ideas off them with will in turn give you ideas = CREATIVITY… and all will be peachy. Got it.


Don’t Give up….

Well. This one is pretty much self explanatory. And for me it was a slap in the face.
SO….I worked on a series of acrylic paintings on canvas this summer. They were painted in a post card style, of cities where my husband and I have lived together..Madrid, New York, and Istanbul. I included things that were my favorite part of that city, using colors I felt represented it. I wanted to include a cityscape and important landmarks in the paintings. New York and Madrid came out great , and it was a fun idea…….


………….until I met Mr. Istanbul. I had all these ideas but when I put them on the canvas I couldn’t make it work and got disheartened…and put it aside.
My husband is so funny. At least once a week he will ask me if I am going to finish Istanbul. It drives me crazy, but he is right! I should finish it and I shouldn’t give up on it. Just because it is a personal project and not for any client doesn’t give me leave to just give up on it, nor permanently place it on the back burner.


Here and now I pledge….to finish my Istanbul painting. haha. Maybe it may even be my Day 33? haha, we’ll see 🙂

Stay tuned…TOMORROW: Practice! Practice! Practice!
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February Creativity: Day Twelve….Be Open!


Easy said…not so easily done. I like to think of myself as an open person…I do after all live in a foreign country with a culture and religion completely different than my own. In order to function I must be “open”…to doing things backwards (…er…in a different way :), to embracing a different living style and language, open to change (I just usually try to roll with it) and open to…..?

But inside of us all, no matter where we come from, there is an innate sense that tells us different is wrong, or should be challenged, no?
It could be culture, it could be art. I have taken MANY art and art history courses over the years. I mean come on….when you first saw artwork by Kandinsky, Klee, Miro or any other “modern” artist who draws like my three year old cousin…..did you honestly feel OPEN to it? If you saw it on the street instead of in the Louvre, would you call it art? I can be honest and say no, no I wasn’t open to it my first viewing. I thought it was stupid. I am still not a fan but I have come to appreciate their artistic and historical influence even though the style isn’t my “cup of tea.”

I believe that might be the key, maybe openess is acceptance, for what it is. For whatever it is.


All I am saying is that being open to new things is HARD, it takes PRACTICE. Maybe you all don’t agree with me…maybe it’s because some of you have a completely liberated mind free of bias and cultural influence. I doubt it. But if you are more open, ok then, power to you! I, however have to warm up to things. I had to warm up to living abroad, warm up to living in a city with almost 20 million people who don’t speak my language or even have the same body language, and I also have to warm up to leaving my comfort zone. But I do it, it happens…but not as often as I’d like.

I found this article online written Unlock 10 Ways to be More Open and I generally agree with what the author, Dani, has said. For me, One (Learn New things), Five (ignore your Fear)  and Ten (Take your Time) are the ones most important to me and that I could work on. But I am generally a very outgoing, trusting, and accepting person. Of course everyone can work on being more open in general. I connect with people more or less fine; What I would like to learn is how to be more open with my art…my creativity. Where is the list for that?

But I’m not wholly convinced if there is a “How-To” be more open, and I’m not sure it would even be the same for everyone. Each individual has different things that hold them back from being open. My main hinder is fear. Yes, the F-word. It’s silly but true. Not necessarily fear of the new, but fear of failing and fear of bad decisions. Which again is silly since we all learn and grow from failing and bad decisions.

En fin, I will continue on the path I am on….trying to keep my eyes and creative “feelers” on the alert so that if a great opportunity to be OPEN in my life, or in my art, I will see it for what it is and and challenge it. I think it’s the best any of us can do, is it not?

What do you think folks? Do you have any exercises or suggestions on how to be more “open.” I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Stay tuned…TOMORROW: Surround Yourself with Creative People
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Book Design & Layout – Culture Connection

This book was a project aimed to use three separate articles written by colleagues in one book; to find the connections between the three different stories, in design and content. To design a book to accommodate all stories using intelligent design and layout.

Project: Culture Connection: Teenagers, Nazis & Feminists

Author(s):  Amber Francis, HIllary Caudle, Christine Marin


  • One 5″x9″  book
  • 3 Stories all brought together by a common theme: SUBCULTURES.
  • Texts included are: Teen subculture in “Rise and Fall of American Bandstand” written by Amber Francis, Nazi subculture in “Nazi Architecture, Propaganda, and the theory of Ruin Value”, written by Hillary Caudle, and Feminist subculture in “The F-Word” written by Christine Marin.
  • Design: All layout, cover, and text and photo placement
Below you may view a gallery of a few choice images from the book mock-up.